Young Montenegrians in the fight against disinformation


Identifying, explaining and suppressing fake news,information posted on social networks and on Internet portals are just some of the goals of the Digital Forensic Center (DFC), which has been operating within the Atlantic Alliance of Montenegro since the beginning of this year. The DFC team consists of people from different educational profiles, from graduates of faculties of political science, through journalists, to specialists in information technology. In their work, they cooperate closely with the US Council of States and the Institute for Statecraft in Great Britain. The youth team in the Digital Forensic Center is part of the Integrity Initiative, a network of people and organizations from across Europe who are dedicated to the discovery, recognition and suppression of propaganda and disinformation. Members of the DFC team have so far attended and still attend numerous courses and training courses held by foreign experts in the field of cyber security, media and fight against disinformation in Montenegro and abroad.

The “DFC” activities were especially important after the annexation of Crimea by Russia. DFC activists are also struggling against the apparent tendency of Russia and some other countries to plunge tendentious information through the most popular tabloids and some media agencies deliberately destabilizing the political situation in the Western Balkans region. This is achieved by spreading information in which no sources are provided and where are on facts and evidence. Due to the widespread digital illiteracy and the lack of critical thinking, Internet users and media content users often decide to uncritically trust what they read without any verification of the facts. This leads to a fall in trust in mainstream media, an increase in the number of misinterpreted information and further deterioration of the situation. Interested in the activities of “DFC” can follow them on the Internet address or on Facebook after entering in the “search” Digital forensic center.

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