General Danford: “NATO loses advantage over Russia”


“NATO is losing military advantage over Russia, which is why the redefinition of the Western Military Alliance’s strategy has begun,” said General Joseph Danford, one of the commander-in-chief of US troops, which also published Sputnik. According to a statement from the US Department of Defense, Danford said Russia has become a huge military threat, as Moscow has done much to strengthen and improve its defense capabilities.

“This is why the advantage that NATO has had declined, which is why it is necessary for this military alliance to devise a new strategy as soon as possible,” the US general noted.

His warning is logical if one considers that the Russian army has stepped up its aviation, naval and missile units in recent years. In particular, the Russian Air Force has been intensively modernized and introduced to use the latest fifth generation aircraft recently. Russia is also investing a lot of money in new submarines and, according to military analysts, is surpassing the armies of the Western Military Alliance. Add to that the intense production of medium-range rockets, which has intensified since both major powers, both Russia and America, have ceased to apply the “INF” agreement, there is no doubt that the Russian-American arms race is ongoing, which can only worry.

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