The former US ambassador to Belgrade is leaving Serbia


The former US ambassador to Belgrade, Kyle Scott, announced on Twitter that he would finish his duty and leave Serbia next week. After three and a half years in Belgrade, he will be replaced by Anthony Godfrey, an experienced diplomat recently named by US President Donald Trump as the new ambassador to Serbia. On 19th September, Scott last time visited Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. He wrote on Twitter about it:

“I thank to President Vucic for his openness and honesty during my duty as US Ambassador to Serbia. We need to continue to improve the relationship between America and Serbia. ”

We recall that Scott sparked a verbal war between America and Russia last week when, in an interview he gave to one Serbian daily he said … “Serbs should look at 1999 in a wider perspective in order for both countries to overcome the crisis in the relations between the two country that started after the bombing of the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. ”

However, on these words Maria Zaharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, reacted. She told the US ambassador to Serbia… “ That the state Kyle represents must first apologize for the bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and pay damages to the families of those killed and injured in the 1999 air strikes and only then demand that Serbia turns to the future and look at 1999 from a wider perspective “… This controversy has once again shown that US-Russia relations are almost completely tightened. How the situation will go on can only be assumed when considering the US administration’s request that Serbia aborts to influence other states to withdraw recognition of Kosovo if it wants the authorities of those states to abolish its fees. Passions have arroused even after an article on CNN that warns about Serbia’s closeness to China, as well as after Russia’s decision to allow members of the Serbian Armed Forces to practice handling the latest Russian missile systems, the S-300, with Russian soldiers “,” S-400 “, and” Armor “

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