NATO successfully tested the new system


These days in Montenegro, in the presence of many representatives of the so-called “first responders”, an exercise was held to test the new NATO response system for natural disasters and emergencies. Its official name is “NICS” (Next Generation Incident Command System), and in fact it is specialized Internet software that accelerates collaboration at all levels when it comes to planning, preparing and responding to firefighters, ambulances, police and other vital state services after forest fires, earthquakes and other unexpected large-scale events that result in extensive material damage and human casualties. The scenario of this exercise had forseen a  large forest fires who threatened the population of Montenegro and therefore seek the assistance of the surrounding states by the authorities of that state. Croatia was the first to react. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia and Slovenia, which together sent about 250 rescuers. In this regard, the “NICS” system ensured better and significantly faster cooperation of the most important decision makers in this emergency situation and proved that it can be successfully used in other emergencies. By the way, the “NICS” system first began to evolve in 2016 as part of NATO’s Science for Peace and Security Program.

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