Albin Kurti`s first speach after the elections


Albin Kurti, the leader of the Self-Determination Movement which has with Kosovo Democratic Movement of Isa Mustafa achieved the best result in the Kosovo election, thanked via Facebook to all the citizens who voted for him. He added that after his victory in Kosovo he would make changes and that his “Self-determination” movement would bring them forward. He announced that the movement he leads would cooperate with the citizens and not be alienated from them. Also, one of the experts of the American NGO Democratization Policy Council, Tobi Vogel, gave a statement to Radio Free Europe, which shows that political tensions in Kosovo will not decrease even after the victory of Kurti. It is because unlike him, who is vigorously opposed any change in Kosovo’s borders and territorial concessions to Serbia, Kosovo President Hashim Thaci supports.

“This will complicate the prospect of continuing political dialogue with representatives of the Serbian government, because Self-determination is against any discussions with Serbia about territories. This will, on a long term, question the continuation of dialogue” Vogel added.

While it cannot be denied that his prognosis are realistic, he seems to have neglected a new moment – US President Trump’s decision to appoint US Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenel, as personal envoy to resolve the Kosovo problem. This makes it clear that Trump is in a hurry to resolve the Kosovo crisis ahead of the upcoming US election to portray it as a success, so it is no longer a question whether Kosovo-Serbian dialogue will be resumed, but how soon it will be completed!

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