The US Embassy is helping to fight against terrorism

Photo: US Embassy, Priština

The US Embassy in Pristina has begun to implement the “Antiterrorism Assistance Program” (“ATA”) worth $ 1.4 million in Kosovo. In the meantime, a workshop named “The use of technology by terrorists” was held in the capital of Kosovo, and judges from Kosovo, prosecutors and other people from the judiciary of that state who were present at the gathering were greeted by Filip Kosnet, the new US ambassador Pristina. In his speech, he said some of the things that were so far unknown to the public: Saying that the Kosovo police had reached a high degree of courage and professionalism. As one example of this, he stated that her members, as well as people from some other security Kosovo institutions, successfully prevented the planned terrorist attack on a soccer match between Albania and Israel two years ago! Kosnet explained that the attack was to be carried out with a dron in which it was an explosive, but luckily it was disabled. The American ambassador also said that the Kosovo judiciary sentenced eight Kosovo citizens for their role in organizing this assassination! The US ambassador also said that Kosovo Prime Minister Haradinaj received threats through social networks and the Internet. Two weeks ago, the Kosovo police arrested one person who threatened him. Kosnet also said that four top and experienced police and antiterrorist trainers from the United States are working with the Kosovo police and its anti-terrorism unit.

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