Nik Dučić

Nik Ducic is an American officer with Serbian origins who heads the largest military base “Bondstil” near Uroševac. He was born in America, but he is very proud of his Serbian origins. Nik stated that he visited several sacred sites in Kosovo and that he had noticed how well protected they were. The believer is proud of his origins. He tries to visit as many churches and monasteries as possible. Every Sunday he goes to another church to attend the liturgy. After the liturgy he stays and talks with the priests and with the people who are there. In 2010, he visited Kosovo for the first time, and he notes that big efforts have been made to modernize and improve the infrastructure. New highways, houses, apartments, airport terminal were built. He is interested in how people live in Kosovo in order to get a better picture. “I was in northern Kosovo in Zubin Potok, Leposavic. I was in Decani and Pec Patriarchate. I’ll remember it all my life, “Nik said.

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