The new American ambassador in Pristina does not support fully politicians in Kosovo

Photo: Kossev

The new US ambassador in Kosovo, Filip Kosnet, twice questioned the fairly widespread opinion that US ambassadors in Kosovo unreservedly support the leadership there. This showed that he is a brave diplomatic person in implementing the policy of the state he represents and that, unlike the predecessor, he does not think about whether he will irritate Kosovo’s politicians with his actions. At the end of March, Kosnet, along with the ambassadors of Great Britain, Italy and France in Kosovo, supported Switzerland’s ambassador in Pristina, Jean Iber Leber when he opposed Switzerland’s money for Kosovo.

“The Swiss Ambassador said what we all think. It’s time for people who love Kosovo to take action against crime and corruption. This is a difficult challenge that is not limited and does not apply only to Kosovo. But those who do so will have our support”, posted Kosnet on Twitter.

After that, he published another “tweet”. He drew attention to the fact that the Kosovo leadership proposed for the ambassador in Tirana a person with problematic past, who does not deserve to be a candidate for that position.

“What message does Kosovo send to the world when it appoints a convicted war criminal for an ambassador? Does this show respect for the rule of law? We strongly oppose against this move.”, Kosnet wrote on Twitter

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