Why are the upcoming elections on Kosovo important

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The upcoming elections on Kosovo will be significant for many reasons. They will show if voters in that state will restate their votes for so-called leaders of “War coalition” the political group lead by Haradinaj, Thaci, Limaj and Veseli, or for the more moderate and increasingly popular Albin Kurti, leader of the Self-Determination movement and his potential partner, Is Mustafa, president of the Democratic Alliance of Kosovo. The upcoming elections on Kosovo will also show whether Kosovo Serb political representatives will run exclusively under the auspices of the Serb List, the strongest Serb political grouping or will be united again, as in all elections so far. Western countries have shown what would be the most acceptable scenario for them – to lose the politicians who came to their current positions as former KLA leaders and to be replaced by the more moderate ones. This, how is believed in the West, will certainly contribute to the end of fees introduced by the Kosovo government late last year, as well as to resuming dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia.

The attitude of the West was clearly seen in the statement of Rory O ‘Connell, the outgoing UK ambassador to Pristina. He said: “I urge the citizens of Kosovo not to support politicians who have been stealing and committing crimes in the upcoming parliamentary elections and are now making patriotic statements. This is by no means okay, ” O ‘Connel said. Whether his message will match with public opinion in Kosovo or will be interpreted by ordinary citizens of that country as interfering with Western countries in their circumstances remains to be seen in the days to come.

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