KFOR: “We Are Ready to Respond if there is necessary”

In case of need, more than 4,000 NATO troops in Kosovo will have the support of rapid reaction forces. Apart from the people here we are present with tanks, armored vehicles and helicopters, so NATO is very strong both outside Kosovo and Kosovo. However, we do not expect any problems, either in the short term or in the long run. I hope that the Kosovo and Serbian governments will have a mature approach and will help us maintain a safe and secure environment while they continue the dialogue, “said Admiral James Fogo, commander of the NATO Joint Force Command in Naples during a visit to the KFOR base” Notting Hill “, near Leposavic in Kosovo. He was General Salvatore Kuci, the KFOR Commander. His associates informed Admiral Fogo about the current situation in Kosovo, and after that he talked with the press. Among other things, he said he is proud of the contribution of KFOR troops in peacekeeping, adding that this military mission is equally important for the whole region, ordinary people in Kosovo, and for the NATO alliance. Fogo and Kuci visited the mine “Trepca” in the north of Kosovo. Fogo said NATO has invested heavily in maintaining peace and security in Southeast Europe and the Western Balkans, and added that KFOR troops play an important role in this. He added that NATO wants to maintain good relations with political leaders in this part of Europe through the activities of the representations of this military alliance in Sarajevo, Skopje, and Belgrade.

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