Soon the biggest military exercise in the last 30 years!

Photo: NATO

Intensive preparations for the largest military exercise of the Western Military Alliance in the past 30 years, since the end of the Cold War, are under the member states of NATO and the headquarters of that military alliance in Brussels. It will be held from 25 October to 7 November, under the code name ” Trident juncture 2018″, and there will be a true army of 50,000 soldiers and officers from all NATO member states and partner countries. They will have the support of 150 military planes, 65 battle boats, and more than 10,000 tanks, armored personnel carriers, and other military vehicles. The people of NATO and the technique will maintain maneuvers in a vast area that will cover the territory of Norway, the Baltic Sea, Iceland and the airspace over Finland and Sweden during the course of this exercise! During the exercise, its participants will train defense against the aggression of the imaginary state in Norway, as well as the ability of NATO’s logistical troops to organize the supply of a large number of soldiers with food, water, ammunition, fuel, and other essential necessities in emergency situations. The planners of the exercises have said several times so far that it is designed to show that the NATO armed forces are well trained and capable of carrying out military actions of large proportions, and ready to respond to any threat to that military alliance, regardless of who it’s coming. It is expected that the exercise will be held under extremely bad weather conditions (snow, cold, and strong wind), so this will be another challenge for its participants. In the Russian media, comments have been published that the “Combined Triangle 2018” exercise is characterized as a threat to Russia, because during its duration there will be a large concentration of “NATO” soldiers, planes, ships, and armored units near the Russian borders. However, “NATO” denied this, saying that the “Trozubac” would be at a fair distance from the Russian borders. In addition, “NATO” has invited most Russian officers to follow the exercise, and to personally ensure that there will be no problems during its duration!

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