NATO @70 key messages

Here you can find 6 key messages the ATA Secretariat has identified for the upcoming 70th anniversary of NATO this week and the consequent events & activities:

Key Message 1: “This year we celebrate 70 years of transatlantic commitment, uniting Europe and North America in a cohesive alliance, which proved to be the strongest alliance in history.”

Key Message 2: “The Alliance is based on our shared values, goals and history, preventing conflict and preserving peace for approx.. 1 billion people. This ensures prosperity, security and guarantees freedom in the Euro-Atlantic area.”

Key Message 3: “A changing security environment has required continuous adaptation from the Alliance. NATO has successfully responded to this challenge. It has kept our people safe and maintained peace. Before the fall of the Berlin wall NATO had to deter the Soviet Union from aggression against the West. Then it helped to end the conflict on the Western Balkans. It led the international response after 9/11 in Afghanistan, where NATO is still present, training local forces to prevent the country from becoming a safe haven for terrorists again. These events demonstrate the ability of the Alliance to address changing regional and global security challenges.”

Key message 4: “Today we face the most unpredictable security situation in many years – including a more assertive Russia, cyber and hybrid threats, instability across the Middle East and North Africa, and a continued terrorist threat. In response, NATO has stepped up again, responding to many challenges at the same time.”

Key Message 5: “NATO has strengthened its presence, including in the Black Sea Region. It has increased the readiness of its forces and its resilience against hybrid and cyber threats, while keeping channels of dialogue open with Russia. NATO has increased its role in the fight against terrorism, contributing to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, with surveillance flights and training in Iraq. NATO is cooperating with the EU at unprecedented levels. NATO has opened its doors to new members, eager to join the Alliance and contribute to our collective defense, which is the basis for prosperity. Continuous innovation keeps us at the forefront of technological change. Fair burden sharing underpins everything we do, and we are making major progress, including with four consecutive years of rising investment in defense.”

Key Message 6: “Our world is changing and NATO is changing with it, but some things remain unchanged: NATO’s commitment to one another endures, giving the Alliance the strength to overcome its differences and rise to any challenge.”

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