America again introduces sanctions to Iran


If Iran fails to comply with US and President Trump’s demands to end its provocative behavior towards the international community, that country will again be under the sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies on November 4th. America has previously abolished sanctions against Iran two years ago, at the initiative of President Obama, and together with five other great powers, signed the so-called “Paris Agreement”. This has lifted the blockade imposed on the country over its alleged nuclear program. However, after President Tramp’s entry into the White House, Iran was again accused of violating international laws.

That is why that country must, by November 4, allow inspectors of the “IAEA” to enter its nuclear facilities at any time of the day and night, and that they can control its nuclear program. In addition, Iran has to shut down a heavy-water reactor, stop rocket missiles, and free all detained Americans as well as citizens of Western European countries. America calls on Iran to stop supporting terrorist groups like Hisbolah, Hamas, and the Islamic Jihad, as well as to respect the Iraqi government’s sovereignty, and allow disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration of the Shia police. The United States is seeking from Iran to suspend aiding the Huti police and to engage in seeking a peaceful solution to Yemen. Among US conditions, Iran is also a permanent withdrawal of the country’s military from Syria, as well as the cessation of Iranian support to terrorist groups assisting President Asad. Iran is also required to end threats to countries with allies of the United States, such as Saudi Arabia and Israel, and no longer threatens to begin with destructive cyber attacks!

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