“Connection of Trozubac 2018” justifies expectations

Photo: nyhetsgrafikk.no

Although Russia and Belarus sent observers to the “Trozubac 2018” memo, the biggest military maneuvers of the “NATO” pact since the end of the Cold War take place on November 7 in Norway, Russia seems to have begun to regret it. The last day of October all the world’s media have announced that the Russian Ministry of Defense has decided to send the two largest strategic bomber “tu-160” (the so-called “black jack”, as called in its NATO terminology) into a regular patrol mission just close to the territory covered maneuvers “Connection of trozubac”! Otherwise, at today’s press conferences, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg pointed out that the “Trio Association” has so far fully justified expectations. According to him, these military maneuvers have shown that “NATO” can transfer, in a very short time, numerous planes, ships, as well as a large number of soldiers and a huge amount of tanks and other vehicles to any point in the world. He added that they were successfully overcome and challenged by the “Trozubac” because of the need to solve logistical difficulties, and that the maneuver participants prepare for bad weather conditions. Stoltenberg recalled that “NATO” does not want to cause anyone, but that an attack on any member of this organization will be considered an attack on everything, and that all 29 members will defend the attacked country at all costs. According to him, these maneuvers have been demonstrated, involving even Sweden and Finland, non-NATO countries, but that allies are partners and associates.

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