The US will continue to insist on solving the “Bitići” case

Photo: Darko Vojinović (AP)

The United States will continue to require from Serbia to complete its investigation and prosecution of those responsible for the murder of “Bitići” brothers who were killed at the base of the Special Anti-Terrorism Unit of the Serbian MUP in Petrovo village regardless of their current functions. This conclusion was imposed after the announcement of priorities in future policy in Serbia by Anthony Godfrey, the new US ambassador to Serbia, during a recent interrogation in front of the members of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. He stressed that he would continue to press the Serbian government until those responsible for the murder of the “Bitiči “brothers are brought to justice. Unpunishment of those responsible for the murder of brothers “Bitići” is a problem that cannot be forgotten and the US, in addition to punishing those directly responsible for this murder, also demands that Goran Radisavljevic “Guri”, former commander of the Serbian Gendarmerie, has to be prosecuted. Because of the place where the bodies of “Bitići” brothers’ were found, at the SAJ base – a unit under the command of Guri, the US Embassy believes that it was also his fault to blame.

As a reminder, after the end of the war in Kosovo, the “Bitići” brothers tried to help two gypsy families from Kosovo to enter Serbia. However, Serbian authorities arrested them in the border zone with Serbia for illegally entering the country. As a result, they were sentenced to 15 days but only served 12 days. However, instead of being released, the police escorted them to the SAJ base in Petrovo selo. Their hands were tied there after which they were killed with bullets and thrown into a mass grave containing the bodies of Kosovo Albanians.

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