How will Serbia and NATO continue its cooperation?

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The Republic of Serbia has intention of developing long-term, substantive and concrete cooperation with NATO through the Partnership for Peace program which will not influence membership in the Western European Military Alliance. This is written in the so-called. IPAP 2, an action document adopted on 7th November 2019, which details the future cooperation between Serbia and NATO for the period until 2021.

Cooperation will continue to be implemented through the participation of the Serbian Armed Forces in joint military exercises with other NATO members and partner countries of that organization, as well as through scientific cooperation in the Science for Peace program. Serbia and NATO will also cooperate in the destruction of surplus weapons and ammunition in our country, as well as in the activities of civilian structures in eliminating the consequences of possible natural disasters. Serbia and NATO will also be partners in the fight against terrorism and weapons smuggling, as well as in cyber security and nuclear material security activities. IPAP 2 also states that the Republic of Serbia will continue to cooperate with the NATO Liaison Office in Belgrade (MLO), with NATO Contact Embassies and Embassies of NATO Member States in Serbia. The document also states that Serbia’s co-operation with KFOR is good, important and desirable for Serbia because it contributes to a secure and stable environment, as well as freedom of movement for all in Kosovo. Therefore, NATO and Serbia share the view that the possible reduction of KFOR’s presence in Kosovo needs to be taken very carefully. It is interesting that in IPAP 2 it can be read that the Republic of Serbia intends to carry out a comprehensive information campaign on the most important issues of Serbia’s further cooperation with NATO. The campaign will be implemented in the media, by organizing panels, round tables and seminars, as well as through cooperation with non-governmental organizations, academic and research institutions. The aim of the campaign will be to explain the benefits of Serbia-NATO scientific cooperation through NATO’s Science for Peace Program, as well as to explain the importance of continued cooperation with NATO’s “Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Center”, and others aspects of cooperation with the Western European Military Alliance.

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