NATO is also interested in accepting Bosnia and Herzegovina


After Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina is also interested in joining the NATO pact. At the meeting of the foreign ministers of the NATO member states, that was held in Brussels, Bosnia and Herzegovina was offered to start drafting the so-called “The Action Plan for NATO membership”, the list of measures that BiH must implement to be admitted to the Western Military Alliance. The development of this document is the first step in the established procedure that every state that is interested in joining the NATO pact must undergo.


The Ministry of Defense and Foreign Affairs is responsible for writing the “Action Plans” and reforms that must be implemented before an official country’s entrance to the NATO. These documents are linked to several areas: political, economic, defense, military, financial and security. If the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina accept the offer of the NATO to make an Action Plan for membership in that military alliance, once that document is completed they will have to present it to defense ministers and foreign affairs of the NATO member states at one of the future meetings in Brussels. In case they receive their green light, then the procedure for admission of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the NATO officially begins. However, the question that arises is whether the creation of the Action Plan in BiH would be possible at all, since Milorad Dodik has so far repeatedly stated that in case he becomes a member of the three-member Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, he will not allow Bosnia and Herzegovina to join NATO. The Republic of Srpska declared itself for military neutrality, and he, as he stated, is obliged to stick to it.

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