Cooperation between military psychologists of America and Serbia


During the recent visit of the representatives of the European Command of the US Armed Forces to Serbia and the Ministry of Defense of Serbia, a military psychologists’ meeting was held at the Military Academy in Belgrade. According to the Ministry of Defense of Serbia they used this meeting to exchange professional experiences with the accent on the preparation of soldiers and officers who are referred to multinational operations.

Military psychologists from these two countries have certainly had something to say to each other because the military personnel of both countries are heavily engaged in multinational operations around the world. Among other things, we recall that US troops are present in Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Germany, South Korea, Italy and many other countries around the world. As far as their colleagues from Serbia are concerned, they are engaged in Lebanon, the Central African Republic, Cyprus, Congo, the Middle East, Somalia and Mali. Although the departure of six-month multinational peacekeeping missions to these countries is undoubtedly a stress for our soldiers and officers, they go there only when they have gone through the process of basic preparations and so far have not caused any incident.

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