Next big meeting of NATO leaders in London


The capital of the United Kingdom will be host to the next big meeting of the NATO member states in December this year, said NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg. “We are grateful to the UK for agreeing to host this meeting in the year in which the 70th anniversary of the establishment is. London was the seat of that organization after its establishment and the United Kingdom was not only among the 12 states of the founder of “NATO”, but it still has one of the key roles in our military-political alliance and is one of our members that makes the greatest contribution to its existence”, Stoltenberg said. He announced that the meeting in London will be an opportunity for Heads of State and Government of NATO member states to consider the security challenges that their countries face today. This will allow members of the Western Military Alliance to adapt to the current security challenges in time and make the citizens of those states safer.

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