German mountain infantry has unusual soldiers

Photo: NATO-Trident Juncture 2015

The German mountain infantry army, which has so far participated in NATO’s armed missions in Kosovo, Afghanistan and many other armed conflicts around the world, has unusual soldiers – donkeys. They have 50 of them and their role is important because they serve to transfer weapons, ammunition, water, food in difficult and inaccessible areas. Maximilian Hefler, a lieutenant in the german mountain infantry army, said that the role of donkeys is immeasurable when, for example, it is necessary to transfer from one point to another a load that is impossible to drive on motor or when the load is expected to be carried by a helicopter, and the visibility it’s flat zero. According to Maria Tisa, it is important only to establish good communication between donkeys and their guides. If it exists a donkey moves without standing, and if not, donkey stops and stands in place. In other words, the German mountain infantry used donkeys in their actions during the Second World War, and their re-use began in 1958. It has been found that they can transfer more than 100 kilograms of load per day, as well as crossing a distance of 50 kilometers at a height of 1800 meters.

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