NATO – The last warning for Russia


At last week’s meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels, Russia was once again invited to continue fulfilling its obligations under the “INF” agreement. General  Secretary, Jens Stoltenberg, urged Russia to use the fact that all NATO members are willing to continue co-operating with that country, but warned that they are preparing for the opposite possibility – a world in which there will definitely not be an “INF” agreement . NATO defense ministers said and that their countries are ready and willing to contribute to the success of the so-called initiative “Four 30s”. This will, as they said, contribute to the fact that the Western Military Alliance  is ready at any moment for the operation of 30 combat ships, 30 battalions of infantry and 30 squadrons of hunting planes. This will increase NATO’s ability to react quickly and decisively during each crisis. It is also important that NATO and Canada agreed to allocate an additional $ 100 billion by the end of 2020 for military expenditures. This money will be used to increase the contribution of NATO missions and operations, as well as the modernization of weapons and military equipment. Speaking about the situation in Afghanistan, NATO General Secretary Jens Stolteberg stressed that members of this organization remain unique when it comes to the future of the Western Military Alliance mission in that country and will continue to decide together. Stoltenberg added that NATO priorities are both situations in Iraq and Kosovo. Speaking about the former Serbian province, NATO’s first man stressed that this military alliance is still committed to preserving the security of all people in Kosovo, but that it will be necessary, along with the Kosovo Security Force, to make a further decision on NATO engagement during the spring.

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