NATO soldiers have training in extreme winter conditions


Dutch and Czech soldiers, members of one of the four multinational battle groups located in Poland and the Baltic countries have been trained in Lithuania in extremely difficult meteorological conditions these days . Among other things, they practice marching in deep snow under full combat equipment, as well as diving in ice water with weapons, in order to be ready for war during the winter months. Since the beginning of this strenuous training, Czech and Dutch soldiers have paid special attention to the construction of shelters in which it is possible to temporarily protect themselves from the temperatures. They also practice camouflage in these shelters in order to remain unnoticed and say that tasks perform the most experienced soldiers as well as those young.

“Young people have particularly the greatest usage of this training. The age gap between them and their elderly colleagues is 16 years. However, on this training both of them acquire a similar experience”, said a Czech lieutenant.

NATO has been conducting an “Enhanced presence” operation since 2016, when the Western Military Alliance summit in Warsaw was held. It was then decided that after the Russian occupation of Crimea and the invasion of Ukraine, four fighting groups, led by America, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom, will be stationed in eastern NATO members (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland). Officers from these countries are headed by well-equipped infantry units with armored vehicles numbering more than a thousand people. Their task is to protect the eastern countries from any possible Russian attack and to keep Russia constantly aware of their presence in order that an eventual attack on any NATO member would be regarded as an aggression to the entire Western Military Alliance. One of these combat groups stationed in Poland is also the Croatian Army.

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