NATO Secretary General: “To put an end on terrorism”

“The khalifat declared by ISIS no longer exists, because it no longer controls any territory in Iraq and Syria. Millions of people in the Middle East have been released from ISIS’s tyranny, but the fight against this evil is still not finished.”, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said to reporters at the start of a meeting of leaders of the Global Coalition for the Fight against ISIS recently held in Brussels. He added that regardless of the liberation of all ISIS-controlled territories, this terrorist organization is still dangerous, as many of its members are hidden in the Middle East and other countries around the world. Therefore, according to Stoltenberg, the Global Coalition for the Fight against ISIS still has to stay awake in order to end the threat of terrorism forever.

Speaking of NATO’s priorities in the future fight against terrorism, Stoltenberg announced that the training of local armies and police units in Iraq and Afghanistan will remain the first, as it has done so far in Jordan and Tunisia. According to Stoltenberg, it will only make Iraqi and Afghan troops sustainable and efficient and prevent the return of terrorists. It is important to note that the first NATO man announced that the Western Military Alliance in the war against terrorism will not act in the future alone, but with the European Union, the United Nations and the NATO partner countries united. This gives a hope that the evil of terrorism will be ended more quickly because the entire world will be united in the fight against it. After announcing this, Stoltenberg asked media representatives to go out because the second part of the meeting was declared closed to the public. We recall, at the height of its power ISIS controlled the territory of nearly 110,000 square kilometers, including large cities in Iraq and Syria, and the army that gathered this terrorist organization counted more than 40,000 fighters! Today, ISIS has no control over any territory, and 7.7 million people in the Middle East have been liberated from the tyranny of that organization. The price of this freedom was terrible because tens of thousands of people in Iraq and Syria were killed in the fight against terrorists.

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