New Russian ambassador in Belgrade continues with the previously set plan


The new Russian ambassador to Serbia, Alexandar Bocan Harchenko, who is due to start his mandate in Belgrade seems to be leading the same policy as his predecessor Alexander Chepurin. It will be focused on the attacks that will be directed towards the West and verbal support to the Serbian leadership. Such a conclusion is made after the first interview given by Harchenko to “Sputnik” these days. He warned that the West’s pressure on Serbia is obvious and accused the United States and its allies to encourage the Kosovo authorities to maintain tensions in the region. By his words, the pressure on Serbia is clearly felt in the negotiations of that country with the European Union. Harchenko drew attention to “Sputnik” reporters that there is no evidence that Serbia’s interests are taken into account when finding compromise solutions. In his words, the West, above all Washington, supports Albanians in Kosovo, their military structures and moves that lead towards creating the Army of Kosovo. According to Harchenko, they are not in legal frameworks and are also an obvious intention to increase tensions in Kosovo.

Harchenko expressed hope that Europe will see on the right time that the situation in the Western Balkans is developing in a dangerous direction. According to him, there is a risk that it will lead to even more serious conflicts. The new Russian ambassador to Serbia added that Moscow is in favor of Kosovo negotiations on the basis of an agreement between Belgrade and Pristina, but on the basis of the approval of the world community within the United Nations Security Council. He added that only such an agreement can put the point on this issue and ensure long-term stability in the region. There is no doubt that such Harchenko`s attitude is tendentious, because Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Matthew Palmer as well as other representatives of the US administration that are in charge of the Balkans, have repeated that the US Government is interested exclusively for a compromise between the authorities of Serbia and Kosovo.

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