KFOR and EULEX hold exercises in Kosovo

Photo: www.gazetaexpress.com

A two-day exercise “Joint Venture 1” has been organized in Kosovo these days, where members of KFOR and EULEX jointly practiced opposing protesters in crisis situations. The purpose of this exercise was to exercise readiness for reactions in such circumstances and command and communication procedures that would be applied during emergencies. KFOR and EULEX participants practiced how to resist angry protesters and their counterparts at the base simultaneously gave orders over walkie-talkies and received information from the field.

This exercise took place at the base of the Italian Police Carbine Corps, which is responsible for combating the riots, with more than 100 special forces taking part. Timing of the exercise is interesting as well as question whether it was planned before or whether it has something to do with  an emergency that has been going on in Montenegro these days could also affect it. Otherwise, as NATO reported, KFOR and EULEX members would assist Kosovo Police in the event of a new emergency in Kosovo. Otherwise, European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borel, also met and spoke with General Mikel Rizzi, Commander-in-Chief of KFOR, during a recent visit to Kosovo. He informed him of the current security situation in Kosovo and the measures taken to ensure freedom of movement for members of all nationalities in that part of the Western Balkans.

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