New US ambassador in Pristina

Photo: Facebook, American embassy Pristina

A few days ago  Filip S. Kosnet became the ambassador of the US Embassy in Pristina. He came to Kosovo in a quite turbulent moment and it is interesting that 15 years ago he also served in the US diplomatic mission in Pristina. Kosnet, who will replace Greg Delavi, who returned to the United States, as ambassador of the strongest world power, presented himself in a video posted by the US embassy in Pristina. Among other things, he said that “diversity can enrich us culturally, and inspire on innovative solutions to national problems.” Kosnet said and believes that communities and individuals must honestly consider their past to build together a brighter future. Kosnet added that he is honored to be returning to Kosovo as an ambassador in order to help strengthen the close friendship between our two great countries. He stressed that he and his wife, Alison, are looking forward to meeting KiM and acquiring friends from all national communities.

“We want to hear your ideas about how Kosovo and America can co-operate in a number of areas: business, law, security, education and more. My wife Alison and I also hope that during our stay here we will talk about the experience of life in a multicultural, multiethnic, and religiously diverse society: something that our two countries share, ” Kosnet wrote.

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