Bulgarian Air Force is buying American “Fantomas”

Photo: www.military.com

The US government welcomes the decision of the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense to strengthen the Air Force’s by purchasing US F-16 fighter jets. We are pleased that negotiations on this purchase have been brought to an end – US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo announced. He stressed that during a recent phone conversation with Bulgarian Prime Minister Borisov it was clear to the hosts that the US government was obliged to help Bulgaria get the best airplanes for the money it has. Pompeo recalled that during the past 25 years, America has donated more than $ 200 million to Bulgaria to professionalize its army as much as possible and increase its compliance with other armies within the framework of the “NATO”. In addition, according to Pompey, the US Government has invested over $ 100 million to modernize the training center Novo Selo and the aerial base Graf Ignatijevo. Pompeo announced that the United States will continue to help Bulgaria financially, as well as in other ways and invest in investments that enhance the coherence of NATO countries. Otherwise, the Bulgarian Air Force has seven “Migg-29″ that can fly and twelve ” Suhoy-25″, but only 3 of them are in operational condition. Although it is not mentioned anywhere, the conclusion is that America is helping to modernize the Bulgarian army in order to deter potential threats that could come from Russia.

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