What NATO wanted to say?

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Although NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg recently announced that the Western Military Alliance will have to reconsider the level of its engagement in Kosovo after the formation of the Kosovo Army, it is still not clear what this can actually mean and what it refers to. We recall that “NATO” published a Stoltenberg statement last week saying it supports the further development of the Kosovo Security Forces under the current mandate, but that “NATO” will reconsider the level of cooperation with the “Kosovo Security Forces” (or “Kosovo security force “, how the West calls the new army of Kosovo). It is even less clear that it is possible that the “Kosovo Security Forces” have become an army because Stoltenberg first stressed in that he thinks “the transition of the KSF” is a matter that is decided exclusively by the state institutions of Kosovo, and then added that the decision on that is brought in at the wrong time and that NATO is complaining about it. ” For consolation, Stoltenberg stressed in the statement of “NATO” that this military alliance remains committed to securing peace and safe ambience in both Kosovo and the Western Balkans. Meanwhile, the Kosovo media have announced that Hashim Thaci has asked the Kosovo government to increase the salaries of members of the Kosovo Security Forces, in order to have, as he said, enough for a dignified life. Commenting on the recently held Security Council session at the request of Serbia, he said that the voice of Kosovo’s friends was strongly heard  and that Serbia’s intention to condemn the creation of the Kosovo Army did not have any effect. EU Commissioner Avramopoulos, in charge of migration and internal affairs, said that  Kosovo fulfilled all obligations to obtain visa liberalization. On the other hand, it was denounced by Didier Reiders, the Belgian Minister of Foreign and European Affairs. He said that Kosovo will get visa liberalization only when it meets all the preconditions for it. In the end, the US embassy in Pristina welcomed the readiness of Kosovo’s opposition parties to engage in dialogue with Serbia, and said that the Kosovo opposition should no longer avoid this process as it has done so far.

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