16 NATO countries do exercise in Germany

Photo: US Army

At the military bases of “Grafenver” and “Hohenfels” in Germany, from 14 to 25. January will be hold the second phase of one of the largest military exercises of the NATO under the name of “Combined Resolution 11”. This will include 5,500 troops from the United States and 15 other Western Alliance member states. As explained by NATO, this exercise is of exceptional importance to US units who spend a certain time on European soil until they return to America. They have the opportunity to participate in exercises along with soldiers from other countries, which allowes them to improve mutual cooperation and strengthen combat readiness. The members of this exercise insisted that it takes place according to a scenario that resembles a defense against attacking an imaginary enemies, and that it takes place in extremely difficult conditions. A number of our military policemen are participating in this exercise, who cooperate with one unit of US military police officers. Apart from being a quick intervention unit, they are also charged with controlling traffic involving military vehicles.

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