US government: “Serbian-Kosovo agreement by the end of the year!”

Photo: Radio Kontakt Plus

“The US government is working closely with the government of Serbia and Kosovo to normalize the political situation and normalize the dialogue as soon as possible. We think that both governments are sincere in their desire to do this and we are not losing hope, despite many difficulties so far. It is only necessary to find a formula that will help to re-establish the Serbian-Kosovo dialogue and move forward”, said US Ambassador in Kosovo, Filip Kosnet in an interview with the Serbian radio Contact Plus.

Responding to the question of the host, could he specify the date until the Serbian-Kosovo dialogue could be renewed, he said it was impossible, but the US government expects a comprehensive agreement to be reached by the end of this year. Commenting on introduced taxes by Kosovo authorities on goods from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, Kosnet said that the US is asking the Kosovo government to cancel the fees as soon as possible. According to him, so far both sides have shown that they can influence one another and block each other, but now it’s time to be flexible and creative. He added that the US government does not give any authority to the authorities in Belgrade and Pristina for any blackmail and ultimatums and does not put any pressure. The US ambassador in Kosovo has announced that, in the case of a lasting and satisfactory agreement, the US will not withdraw from Kosovo, but will remain in the region to monitor its implementation. Kosnet commented on the announcement of the Serbian List that the Serbs would be permanently withdrawing from the Kosovo Assembly, the police, judiciary and education. He emphasized that at meetings with top officials of the Serbian List, he said it would be a big mistake and that the Kosovo Serbs would have the greatest damage. As he said, it is very important that people in a minority community, such as are Serbs in Kosovo, can look at policemen thinking like ” These are my compatriots, speak my language and here they are here to protect me.”

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