NATO-UN cooperation continues


Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of the NATO, is among the world leaders participating in the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly held in New York this week. He was among the speakers at the opening of the event on 24th September, confirming the continuation of successful cooperation between NATO and the United Nations. The two organizations are dedicated to addressing security concerns and maintaining an international rule of law and human rights protection. For the past ten years, the United Nations and NATO have been most cooperative in combating terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq and in creating the preconditions for the recovery of these war-torn countries. The contribution of the United Nations and NATO to date has made a particularly significant contribution to the Western military alliance in enhancing the United Nations’ fight against minefields, a major and dangerous threat to peacekeeping forces in all United Nations missions.

Stoltenberg also met with Ambassador Zalmay Kalizad, the US special envoy for normalization of the situation in Afghanistan. They discussed the security situation in Afghanistan and NATO’s support for peace talks. Stoltenberg welcomed the fact that Kalizad regularly informs NATO about the situation in Afghanistan at joint meetings. The first man of the NATO stressed that the focus of attention on the military alliance led by Afghanistan remains to strengthen Afghan troops so that they can fight international terrorism and thus create the preconditions for lasting peace.

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