The biggest NATO medical exercise so far

Photo: Nato Center for excellence in military medicine

In the Romanian town Cink, these days, the largest NATO military exercise was completed, the “Vigorous Warrior” (“Energetic Warrior”), which was attended by 26 NATO members as well as 13 countries that are partners of that military alliance. Participants practiced reactions after mass disasters, as well as health care and evacuation strategies after chemical, radiological and biological accidents. All the medical team’s actions and the compliance of their actions with the envisaged military procedures were closely monitored by the NATO multi-member Evaluation Team.

“During this exercise, we were allowed to practice at civilian facilities and to gain experience that will be significant for the coming years,” said Dr. Laslo Fazeqas, director of NATO’s Center for Military Medical Excellence.

The members of the medical units of the Serbian Armed Forces participated in this exercise. 31 of them worked together with members of the so-called “Balkan Medical Forces” and were part of the Polish Military Hospital’s Lake. The fact that the “Energetic Warrior” was really a great military exercise is the fact that the preparations for its maintenance began as early as June last year. At the “Energetic Warrior” exercise, a special team for the medical care of victims infected with the most serious diseases also participated. Its members came in a special plane and showed the complete evacuation procedure of the infected.

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