American airplane carrier “Abraham Lincoln” in the Middle East

Photo: Associated press

After making worse the situation in Israel after conflict with the Palestinian Hamas movement, there is no doubt that tensions in the Middle East will further increase in the following days. The US Navy, led by the airplane carrier “Abraham Lincoln” and the US Airborne Special Air Force, have recently been in the Middle East region. As explained, such a decision followed clear indications that the Iranian army or the Iranian Revolutionary Guard might attack American troops that had been stationed in the Middle East earlier! This was confirmed by John Bolton, an adviser of the US president for security, in a statement issued on 5th April by the White House. He pointed out that the decision to additionally deploy US ships and planes, was made after “a number of problematic hints” and warnings that there could be worse situation. Bolton did not go into further details, but added that a clear message had been sent.

“The United States does not want a war with the Iranian regime, but we are ready for any attack, regardless of whether it could be launched by Iranian troops or the Iranian revolutionary guard,” Bolton added. The Pentagon did not comment on his statement. Additionally, the airplane carrier “Abraham Lincoln” carries 90 warplanes and its crew counts over 5000 people and during his way to the Middle East was settled for four days in Split, thanks to the approval of the Croatian government.

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