Vučić’s visit to the US is a turning point in relations with Serbia


The President of the Atlantic Council of Serbia, Vladan Zivulovic, says it is very important that America and Serbia re-establish better bilateral relations with a tendency for their further development, given the fact that the US remains a leading global power that will probably play a key role in resolving the Kosovo issue. This is how Živulovic estimates the two-day visit of the President of Serbia, Alelsandar Vucic to Washington, during which he spoke with senior US administration officials and participated in one of the most influential events in that country – the American-Israeli Committee on Public Affairs, AIPAC.

“It is very good that meetings are being held and that discussions are happening, as well as that Washington is giving Serbia a chance to express its views and opinion, but we will see if those views and opinions will be taken into account in the Belgrade-Pristina deal,” Zivulovic said for Tanjug warning that the Washington administration is a enormous machine that rarely changes its decisions. As he states, obviously America has taken “in its own hands” the problem between Belgrade and Pristina.

As a good move, Zivulovic also estimates Vucic’s departure to Pentagon, as he believes there were concerns about previous military purchases from Russia. Vucic promised last year at some point to stop purchasing from Russia so as not to provoke the other side, and it is obvious that he has fulfilled his promise by going to Pentagon and announcing that Serbia will acquire weapons from Israel and the US. ” Zivulovic said he does not know what is the plan for acquiring weapons from Israel, adding that he is concerned about the budget “which does not allow our military to be equipped so much.”

“In any case, it is a good move that reduces tensions” Zivulovic noted. Commenting on President Vucic’s speech at the AIPAC meeting, Zivulovic points out that it is very good that Vucic mentioned the connection between the Serbian and Jewish people, as well as the suffering of the Serbian people in World War I and II. “Particularly because of the Holocaust, it was good that Jasenovac was mentioned. I do not know how people from Croatia will react because it is a finger in their eye too, but history is like that and there is nothing untrue”, said the President of the Atlantic Council. He says he is only sorry that the President did not point out the Holocaust Museum in a speech, to remind Israelis to visit the Museum dedicated to Jasenovac, where is a clear evidence that presents the common historical suffering of the Serbian and Jewish people in World War II . And when it comes to Serbian-Israeli relations, he points out, President Vucic’s announcement of the opening of Serbia’s diplomatic mission in Jerusalem is a signal that Serbia wants to embrace that kind of US foreign policy. “Knowing that Trump was the first to launch the story of accepting the relocation of the US embassy, this is a signal to the US that Serbia wants to follow that kind of US foreign policy,” Zivulovic said. He concludes that he is confident that the decision will be positively interpreted by the US, warning that “we do not yet know how it will affect Serbian friends from the Arab world and what their response will be”.

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