“Euro-Atlantic integrations in the eyes of Serbian media”

The Atlantic Council of Serbia and Ninamedia have organized a public multimedia presentation on analytical research findings as well as analysis of media content in the press and on the internet portals on the topic “How Serbian media wrote about the terms – USA, NATO, Russia and the EU”.

Jelena Fratucan, director of Ninamedia Research, presented the results of a public opinion survey conducted in the previous period, which was addressed through questions to the public – to what extent do you trust the media in Serbia; on what basis you form an opinion about NATO; whether the media in Serbia objectively reports about NATO; what you have positively read / heard about NATO in the media; Do you support the entry of Serbia into NATO? Did you hear that the war was never on the territory of NATO members?

Gavrilo Tomić, director of the media content analysis sector, presented the data that were obtained by analyzing the number and tonality of the title of newspaper articles on the topics mentioned in the same period. Researches that were presented at the premises of Ninamedia in Novi Sad were carried out within the project of the Atlantic Council of Serbia “Euro-Atlantic integration in the eyes of the Serbian media” sponsored by the US Embassy in Belgrade. Within this project, workshops and round tables were organized for young journalists and students of social sciences. They were introduced to the topics such as Serbia’s relationship with NATO, Serbian foreign and security policy, Serbia’s cooperation with the Euro-Atlantic community through the participation of well-known and recognized journalists, analysts, diplomats and professors. The summary of the research was given by Dr. Miloš Bešić, Professor of the Faculty of Political Science, while the comments were given by a journalist and a analyst Milivoje Mihajlović and Milan Misić.

The event attended also HE. Kyle Scott, US Ambassador, HE. Arne Sanes Bjornstad, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway and General Cesare Marinelli, Head of the NATO Liaison Office in Belgrade, as well as military attachés of NATO member states.

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