Why did Serbia announce leaving the purchase of Russian weapons?

photo: www.nspm.rs

Serbia’s decision to suspend its purchases of military weapons from Russia appears to be due to heavy pressure from the West, according to some analysts whose opinion was released by Radio Free Europe in recent days. According to military-political commentator Alexander Radic, NATO members apparently estimated that it was enough of buying supplies from the East and that there was pressure from the United States and the European Union on Serbia to suspend military cooperation with Russia.

“In this context, we can interpret that what has been purchased from Russia so far will be all that has been purchased” Radic said.

Although the Serbian leadership has opted not only to acquire weapons from Russia but also from Western European countries (recall, Serbia has purchased Erbas helicopters and rocket systems from France), military purchases from Russia are in a situation where tensions between that country and the West are at peak, perceived as intentionally pushing Serbia’s finger in the eye of NATO countries. Taking into account that with the exception of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, all Western Balkan countries are members of the Western Military Alliance, there is no doubt that these countries would not look favorably on further Serbian weapon investments and would ask NATO for weapon protection. To make matters more absurd, there are those who seem to be unaware of the new Cold War and the never-ending relations between NATO and Russia, such as Serbia’s Ambassador to Moscow Miroslav Lazansky. Although he reiterated in his statement to the media these days that Serbia was able to buy the S-400 rocket system from Russia, President Vucic denied that possibility. Sufficient to mention that the range of the S-400 rocket system is more than 400 kilometers, which means that Serbia could hypothetically knock down any aircraft flying from an airfield in neighboring countries.

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