NATO`s two-day seminar on terrorism

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“Confronting criminal and terrorists threats” is the name of the seminar, which will be held in Rome on 9th and 10th December organized by the NATO Defense college foundation. The main topic is how ISIS works and the methods with which the organization recruits new followers.

“Although the so-called. The Caliphate was defeated militarily and lost significant territories, it still represents a security threat across Europe and is a magnet for new members”, says among other things in the announcement of NATO Foundation meeting. It is further stated that ISIS still survives because this terrorist network is skillfully in using all social networks as one of the advantages of globalization. The organizers of the seminar further emphasize that religious fanaticism is no longer the primary reason for radicalizing individuals and pursuing them for terrorist purposes, but desire to belong to an organization that has a vengeance to the West and a sense of power and power at the core of its ideology.

In this seminar, the NATO Foundation also states that ISIS has found a new mode for operating, such as securing large sums of money from criminal activities such as human trafficking, money laundering and cyber-attacks . It is also significant that terrorist groups have transformed themselves organizationally for ease of action and decentralized their structures by taking advantage of the propaganda and presence of the Internet and social networks. All of this enables them to continue their attacks and pose a security threat to intelligence services. The organizer of the two-day event in Rome stresses that it is therefore necessary to redefine the anti-terrorist strategy. The seminar will discuss the consequences of terrorist threats to NATO members and partner countries of that military alliance during the third and final session. It is also intended to determine, among other things, how complex anti-terrorist operations can be conducted without further problems and with security guarantees.

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