Atlantic Council: “US need to arm Ukraine”


“The United States should more arm Ukraine than up to now”, says Denis Soltis, professor at the Department of Public Administration and International Development of KIMEP University in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He recalled that last year, the United States delivered a contingent of “javelin” anti-tank rockets to Ukraine, but added that it turned out to be symbolic and that the situation on the front was not much changed afterwards. He added that it turned out that the need for US armed aid was even greater after Russia’s last attack on Ukrainian ships. However, in his words, the US Congress could first raise the question “Did the Ukrainian army deserve more help”? Solstis believes that the answer to this question is confirmed, because with 250,000 soldiers, the Ukrainian army is the third armed force in Europe, after the Russian and French armies. In addition, in his words, if Russia were to conflict with Ukraine, the Ukrainian army would inflict considerable damage on the Russian army in the defensive war. It is also important to note that the Ukrainian army enjoys great support among the people of that country and its institutions, which is why it is considered a real “national army”.

Before the Russian aggression on Donbas in 2014, the Ukrainian army was poorly armed, demoralized and unorganized, but later the situation changed positively. Danis Soltis also emphasizes that the only reason Russia and its army have so far failed to defeat Ukraine militarily and occupy that state is its own army. If it were not, the situation would have been completely different a long time ago. However, in his opinion, it will not be able to be maintained for a long time and therefore US should help. Especially because there is no chance that Ukraine will be admitted to NATO in due time.

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