The minister, a Russian lobbyist, attacks NATO again

Photo: Tanjug

Russia and its lobbyists continue the old practice of blaming and attacking NATO for all the bad things going on in the Balkans. The latest in a series of examples of such, is a statement by Nenad Popovic, a minister in the Serbian government and the president of the Serbian People’s Party.

“We now have to say openly that the NATO Pact is behind all these attempts to crush the Serbians and deprive their freedom and independence,” is said in a statement issued on the latest situation in Montenegro. It also says that Popovic and his party believe that the NATO supports the criminal and anti-Serbian regime of Milo Djukanovic, who is trying to destroy the Serbian Orthodox Church and the identity of the Serbian people.

As Popovic further explains, NATO wants to destroy any resistance in Montenegro because the majority of people still have not forgotten NATO bombs and victims. That is why, as Popovic continues, Bosnia and Herzegovina threatens Serbia with NATO troops on the Drina River and puts enormous pressure on Republika Srpska and the Serbians in it to agree to join NATO. However, his hatred of NATO is not surprising given that Popovic is not hiding that he is a Russian lobbyist and that he has acquired the enormous wealth he has in his jobs in Russia. So far, he has repeatedly spoken out in public on behalf of Moscow and Russia, and when he does so, he does justice to his own opinion. This is prohibited because of its affiliation with the Government of Serbia as long as its member is not entitled to express his or her political views in the media.

In February this year, in an interview for “Vecernje Novosti” he stated that in the reopening of Kosovo and Serbia’s negotiations, except for America and the European Union, Russia and China must intervene, and that Serbia should not enter the European Union if the condition for that is giving of Kosovo and Metohija. Popovic also said that the West’s accusations of strengthening the influence of Russia and China in the Western Balkans are hypocritical.

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