What is the biggest benefit Serbia would have from EU membership?

What would be the benefits if Serbia were admitted to the European Union? What would it mean to us – the issues are often posed by the citizens of our country who make public opinion surveys that are still voiced against Serbia’s entry into the European Community of the European countries whose center is in Brussels. One of the biggest benefits in the event that Serbia becomes a member of the EU and one of the first advantages that the citizens of our country would feel would be the possibility of free movement of the labor force. This is one of the basic principles in the functioning of the European Union, which is stated in its founding acts. This means that residents of all EU Member States have the right to seek employment and to be employed in any state in the territory of the European Union without the obligation to first obtain work permits! In addition, if the citizens of the Member States of the European Union leave to work in another country that is also a member of it, they have the right to health and social protection. This relief should take into account every citizen of our country when thinking about what Serbia would mean to enter the European Union.

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