Political crisis in Kosovo continues

Photo: www.gazetaexpress.com

The crisis in Kosovo continues because the “Self-Determination” movement that won last year’s elections still cannot agree on forming a new government with any of other parties in Kosovo. Contribution to the resolution of this uncertain situation gave Kosovo President Hashim Thaci who made an apel on 10th January adressed  to Albin Kurti, the leader of the Self-determination, to form a government as soon as possible or otherwise to reject the position provided.

“As President of the Republic of Kosovo, I am obliged to take action without further delay so that the citizens of Kosovo get a new government as soon as possible,” Thaci wrote in letter sent to Kurti.

Despite winning the election three months ago, the “Self-determination” movement is still unable to form a new government, which has so far been unsuccessfully negotiated with “Kosovo Democratic Alliance” led by Isa Mustafa. Otherwise, indicators that show how much political crisis in Kosovo is uncertain can be best seen from several scenarios that have been heard these days. According to some analysts, a government could be formed by a coalition of parties around Ramush Haradinaj and the Democratic Alliance of Kosovo. Others believe the new Kosovo government will be decided by the US, England and other Western European countries while there are those who announce that new elections will be made in Kosovo.

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