Stoltenberg again accused Russia


Relations of the NATO with Russia, the role of the Western Military Alliance in the fight against terrorism and the participation of NATO members in the joint budget, were only some of the priority topics at the NATO Summit of Ministers of Foreign Affairs held in Washington on April 1st.

At the press conference, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg spoke to Donald Tramp, US President at the White House, on the occasion of the Summit, while NATO foreign ministers were invited to attend a joint session of the US Congress. The first man of the Western War Alliance held a speech on behalf of 29 of its members, and on the same evening, NATO foreign ministers gathered in the same place where the agreement on the formation of that organization was signed in 1949. Speaking to reporters, Stoltenberg has accused Russia of continuing to violate the “INF” agreement because it still produces and deploy rockets “SSC-8”. He added that they are difficult to detect and threaten all NATO members. In his words, Russia continues to behave aggressively and ignores NATO’s calls to give up such an unacceptable approach. Therefore, as Stoltenberg stressed, NATO must consider the following moves and continue to strengthen credible defense and weapons of deterrence.

Speaking about Russian politics, Stoltenberg recalled the country’s actions against Ukraine, and in particular the capture of Ukrainian ships and sailors near the Azov Sea. Therefore, in his words, NATO was forced to increase its presence in the Black Sea and to send part of the ships from one of its naval combat groups to Ukraine and Georgia. According to Stoltenberg, these boats will participate in the Sea Shield exercise that will be held in the Black Sea. The NATO Secretary General has also announced that this military organization will increase its permanent presence in Georgia and Ukraine. In his words, this will be reflected in the intensification of the training of naval and coastal guards in these countries, in the exchange of information, the holding of joint military exercises and mutual visits to the ports.

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