State Department reminded of case “Magnicki”


The leading set of politicians in Russia are eager to revenge to all opponents, oppositionists and journalists, who in any way challenge President Putin’s power. One example of this is the case of Sergei Magnicki, a lawyer and accountant of the Russian representative office of the Hermitage Investment Fund. He was arrested and detained in 2008, after indicting some high-ranking officials in the Russian Ministry of Interior that they were involved in stealing 230 million dollars from state funds. To make everything more terrible, he was imprisoned in one of the most severe Russian investigative prisons. Here, as Radio Free Europe released at the time, he was denied medical assistance several times, and he was left to die. A year later, the Human Rights Commission found evidence that he was tortured. On the other hand, many of the officials in the Russian MUP, which Magnicki discovered that they were corrupted in the meantime were promoted and rewarded !? Although nine years have passed since his tragic death, Sergei Magnicki has not been forgotten in the United States so far. Spokesperson of the State Department, Heather Neuert, published these days on his Twitter account, “Tweet” with the following: “We do not forget Sergei Magnicki , a Russian lawyer and accountant who revealed the scheme of embezzlement of state money worth 230 million dollars and for that paid his life “. This message was accompanied by a photograph showing Magnicki. It is important to note that three years after his death, the US government adopted the so-called “Magnicki zakon”. It appoints that none of the Russian officials suspected of being involved in fraud and embezzlement in that country, may not obtain a visa for the rest of their lives and enter the United States, nor open a bank account in that country. In order to avenge America for this, Moscow officials forbade American citizens to adopt children without parents in Russia.

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