NATO Secretary General meets with members of EU Parliament

Speaking with members of the EU parliament on 13 July 2022, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg described the NATO Summit in Madrid as “historic and transformative”. The Secretary General was attending a joint meeting of the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs and of the Subcommittee on Security and Defence for discussions on the NATO Summit decisions and on cooperation between NATO and the European Union. He said that Ukraine can count on NATO’s support, for “as long as it takes”, because a strong, independent Ukraine is vital for the security of the Euro-Atlantic area and for global stability.
Mr. Stoltenberg said that at the Summit Allies decided the “biggest overhaul in our deterrence and defence since the Cold War” to adapt to a new security reality. The Alliance will strengthen forward defences, enhance battlegroups in the eastern part of the Alliance, increase the number of high readiness forces to over 300,000 and pre-position equipment and stockpiles of military supplies.

Speaking about Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership application, he said that it is good for Finland, for Sweden, for NATO, for stability throughout the Euro Atlantic area “and it also demonstrates that NATO’s door is open”. The Secretary General highlighted that in Madrid NATO leaders endorsed a new Strategic Concept. He said that NATO’s Strategic Concept and the EU’s Strategic Compass are different documents, but they “reflect the same reality” in a more dangerous, competitive and unpredictable world.

Source: NATO

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