A new foreign policy initiative signed

At the initiative of the European Movement in Serbia and the Center for Foreign Policy, the Atlantic Council of Serbia (ASS) signed the “New Foreign Policy Initiative”, which is in full compliance with the statute and the ASS program. The signatories of this initiative are 18 non-governmental organizations. The Atlantic Council of Serbia agrees with other signatories that the initiative represents the basis that should be elaborated through public appearances, tribunes, actions.

Content of the new foreign policy initiative:

  1. We expect the representatives of the government and the opposition achieve as broad consensus as possible on how to speed up the normalization process between Belgrade and Pristina. Without the end of this process there is no possibility for a successful democratic and economic development of Serbia, nor for its positioning in the Western Balkans. Any absence of a complete arrangement of relations between Belgrade and Pristina will only further isolate the country and lead it to an extremely unfavorable position.
  2. Despite the internal problems in the European Union, as well as the upcoming elections for the European Parliament, we believe that it is necessary to speed up the process of European integration of Serbia that is captured by the lack of a comprehensive legally binding agreement between Belgrade and Pristina and not implementing internal reforms. The modernization of Serbian society is fundamentally unimaginable without the process of European integration.
  3. It is necessary to begin as soon as possible the establishment of full cooperation between Serbia and its neighbors, on the basis of equality and mutual respect. This is not only the necessity of the European integration process, it is in the interest of all citizens of Serbia. It is very important to insist on the immutability of state borders, as well as their final determination when it comes to the borders of Serbia with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro.
  4. Intensifying full cooperation and partnership with NATO is a vital interest for Serbia and its citizens. Therefore, it is necessary to stop anti-NATO media campaigns, because Serbia’s concrete cooperation with NATO is progressing year after year. Bearing in mind the experience of other Western Balkan countries, it is obvious that none of them have achieved their essential and strategic interests without full co-operation and partnership with NATO

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