NATO informed in advance bombing of Serbian television

Photo: Reporting Balkans

In April 1999, during the bombing of Serbia, NATO declared the RTS building for a legitimate military goal and informed Slobodan Milosevic in advance that it would be targeted by a Western military alliance. That was enough to ensure that technicians and employees of RTS are evacuated to safe places and human victims (16 dead) could have been avoided – this was said in the documentary “The Chronicle of the Announcement of Death ” broadcast on the First Radio Program Television of Serbia, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the death of 16 workers.

“The RTS had to be moved at the very beginning of the war, especially later when it was already certain that its building was a target. And that was known, and some people knew that and these people are talking in this film.”, said its author RTS journalist Svetlana Janicijevic.

In addition to this, a statement by retired General Wladley Clark where je pointed out that through the help of one of the reporters of Si-En-En, who then reported from Belgrade, he informed Slobodan Milosevic that the building of the “RTS” would be bombarded, and that he himself warned of the possibility of employees death in this media house. It is not clear and it is completely irrational that this has not been taken into account, but it is the workers of “RTS” who were ordered to stay in their places and to continue to work normally !? To make everything more terrible, one of the “RTS” editors in that time, Tatjana Lenard read the comment in which she challenged NATO saying … “We are waiting for you, we are here in Takovska 10” … and the next day she left Serbia !? In the film “The Chronicle of the Announcement of Death”, Brent Sedler, a journalist of “Si-En-En” sent an attachement from Belgrade in April 1999 where he unambiguously said that 15 days before the attack on the “RTS” he knew that the building of the television would be bombarded because the then executive director of “Si-En-En” told him that.

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