USA donated new helicopters to Croatia

Photo: Military edge

The US government donated last week two new Black Hawk Helicopters to the Ministry of Defense of Croatia and the Armed Forces of that country, among the best in the world. According to the Croatian Bureau of Television “N1” the value of this donation amounts to 53 million dollars, which includes spare parts, as well as training of pilots and technical staff. Helicopters were presented at the “Pleso” aviation base these days, while Croatian Defense Minister, Mladen Krsicevic, reminded at the ceremony ,that promoted him, that “NATO” in Croatia has opened a helicopter pilot training center at “Zemunik” Airport.

The favorable circumstance is that “Black Hawk” helicopters will be introduced into combat use only in 2020 or 2021, because otherwise the Croatian army would gain a significant strategic advantage over the Serbian Armed Forces. We recall that Croatia, two years ago (in early August 2016) , got the top five of the 16 US-made “kiowa warrior” helicopters that they bought from the United States. On the other hand, the latest investment of the Serbian Army into new helicopters was the purchase of two Russian transport helicopters “MI-17” in June 28th, 2016. During a visit to Moscow, at the beginning of April this year, Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin announced that our country is interested in purchasing from Russia four more transport helicopters “MI-17” and four MI-35 combat helicopters. There is no doubt that the acquisition of excellent MI-35 helicopters would strengthen the aviation of the Serbian Armed Forces, but the negotiations between Russia and our country on the purchase of these aircraft have just started!

For the time being, it is most certain that Serbia should receive by the end of this year, the first two “Airbus 145M”  helicopters out of 9, how many were purchased for our army and police on December 29th, 2016. The installation of navigation and communication equipment as well as additional weapons on them is coming to an end.

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