NATO practices submarine war


In the case of a war, submarines will also participate, which will attack enemy’s military and transport ships and “hunt” their submarines like in World War II. In order to prepare for this, NATO armies are participating in a large anti-submarine “Dynamic Manta 2020” exercise that has begun near the coast of Sicily these days, involving the naval units of eight NATO members (Italy, America, France, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Canada, and the United Kingdom). During the exercise, imaginary war scenarios will be practiced which will include measures for the joint defense of NATO members in the event of enemy submarine attacks and counter-attacks. As host of the exercise, Italy offered its naval and helicopter base “Catania “and “Sigonela” air base, and provided logistical support, refueling, first aid teams as well as accommodation for participants, at the “Augusta” naval base.

During the exercise, each of Navy ships will have the opportunity to carry out several anti-submarine operations, while submarine crews will practice attack on ships and defense operations during the attack. All of these activities will be coordinated with the Navy and Air Force units of participants. Air Force aircraft from Canada, France, Germany and the United States as well as helicopters from Italy and England are engaged in this exercise. Their pilots and crews will have an extremely important task: To detect “enemy” submarines with the help of special devices such as radars. They will have to do this before counterparts attack NATO ships and prevent them in doing so.

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