NATO: “New Division for Intelligence Operations”


How to raise awareness of the necessity of raising hybrid wars on an even higher level and how to make intelligent information about it faster and more efficiently. These were topics discussed by security advisers and other high-level NATO officials at a meeting held in the head office of the Western Military Alliance in Brussels.

“NATO must be ready for both conventional and hybrid wars. We need to be ready, if necessary, to fight tanks and tweets also”, said NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg . He added that this was the first meeting of this kind in NATO and reminded of what has been done so far.

He said in the first place that NATO had designed a new strategy for confronting hybrid wars and added that this was the addition to the largest strengthening of the collective defense capabilities of the Western Military Alliance since the Cold War period. The first man of NATO explained that, as a result, strengthened measures taken by the NATO defense against potential cyber attacks, and the Center for Cyber ​​Operations Operations was opened. Stoltenberg stressed that NATO formed a new division for intelligence operations. According to him, the teams of experts of this unit are ready to support members of the Western Military Alliance in a wide range of activities, including the defense of hybrid wars and cyber attacks by potential enemies.

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