Who is the second man at the US Embassy in Belgrade?

Photo: US embassy in Serbia

Gabriel Escobar, deputy of the new US ambassador to Belgrade, is said to be a diplomat with extensive experience. Prior to his arrival in capital of Serbia, he performed one of the most important functions at the US Embassy in Baghdad at the time of turbulences in Iraq. He was there a so-called: Minister Counselor, and during a considerable part of his career he has served in several countries in the Western Balkans.

“Mr. Escobar was on a US mission in Republika Srpska ten years ago and has been very active in the election of Milorad Dodik as president. Prior to that he worked in Montenegro, which means that he knows the field very well. He is fluent in Serbian, knows a lot of people and surely his election as the new US ambassador to Serbia is not accidental. He is well aware of the situation here and that is probably why he was sent to Belgrade.” said President of the Atlantic Council in Serbia Vladan Zivulovic for Television One.

Asked by journalists what he meant, Vladan said it was certain that Escobar would, thanks to his vast experience, be able to engage more seriously and actively in solving problems in the Western Balkans, which the United States is apparently interested in. What is more, Gabriel Escobar has also served in Lisbon, Rome, Prague, Moscow, La Paz in Bolivia and Peshawar in Pakistan throughout his diplomatic career. He is fluent in Spanish, Russian, Serbian, Italian, Czech and Portuguese and graduated from Columbia University in New York. He has been awarded six times and received the “Superior Honor Award” at the State Department and once the “Meritorious Honor Award” also at the State Department. At the most important US diplomatic institution, Escobar received the “Expeditionary Service Award” and was awarded the “Army Superior Civilian Service” at the US Army Department. It is also interesting that Escobar is in Serbia for the second time, since in 2001 after reopening the US Embassy in Belgrade he briefly served in that city. In early October this year, Escobar was officially received at the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belgrade, where he spoke with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ivica Dacic.

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